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Disability Insurance Tips for Professionals and Executives

High earning professionals and executives need the ultimate in disability income protection without which they can jeopardize their financial future. It’s not enough just to buy a policy; you need to know that it will pay the benefits you expect when it’s needed the most. Each of these tips provides a vital piece of the disability insurance puzzle.

Protect Your Business (and Your Family) with a Buy-Sell Agreement

Imagine the following scenario: You run a successful business with your business partner of 20 years. Your business partner dies unexpectedly. After the funeral, your deceased partner’s spouse shows up at your office with her two grown children. They ask for the key to your partner’s office – not to clean it out, but to move in.

Beyond just an Allowance: How to Engage your Young Kids in Learning about Money from a Young Age

Think back to those early days in life when it seemed like everything in the candy aisle was free if you begged your parents hard enough. Not a fleeting thought was given to the expenses of a vacation or the copay costs at the doctor. There’s something beautifully unburdened in the way which children experience the world: recklessly present and innocently ambivalent.

Preserve Your Assets with Long-term Care Insurance

With the average life expectancy surpassing age 85, the number of people who will require some sort of assistance performing daily living functions can be expected to increase dramatically. Already one in three people age 65 and older will receive care in a nursing home or through a home caregiver. After age 74, there’s a 50% chance of needing assisted care.

November is Long Term Awareness Month

It’s Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month. Learn about this important coverage: http://lifehap.pn/1haLqT9

Your Protection Strategy Needs a Legal Foundation

Any protection strategy that focuses only on insurance can leave you and your family vulnerable to the threat of legal system which doesn’t necessarily share your objectives.

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How to Select the “Right” Financial Advisor

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