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More Financial Missteps, Revisited

We thought this blog post was so important, we decided to share it again! Avoiding these financial missteps may help improve your future personal finances. It's never too late to better your future financial wellness.


Father's Day

By: Gary R. Oman

Charitable Giving After Tax Reform


Tax reform changes to the standard deduction and itemized deductions may affect your ability to obtain an income tax benefit from charitable giving. Projecting how you'll be affected by these changes while there's still time to take action is important.


President's Seminar and AGM on May 16, 2019

Thanks to all who attended our President's Seminar and 2019 AGM!

Here are a couple of photos of the event.

Our Family Office: A Customized and Team-Based Approach

Do the financial services you’re receiving from your financial advisor/broker include tax return preparation and trust drafting for one fee? 

Would you like to receive financial services similar to ultra-high net-worth families?


How to Plan for a Happy and Successful Retirement

By George Koeltl, CFP®, April 12, 2019

6 Easy Organization Tips to Take Time Off Taxes

With the pain of 2019 Tax Day behind us, here are some ways to make next year go smoother. Start new organizational practices now to make your 2020 taxes as painless as possible.

Financial Missteps

Personal finance, like just about everything else, is mainly common sense. Advice like “don’t spend more than you make; start investing while you’re young; don’t loan money to friends with the expectation of getting it back,” have been around for generations, and most likely will survive the next few generations as well.

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